• Two Chianina resized

    Two Chianina resized
  • Etruscan Blue

    Part of a diptych of Etruscan cattle.

    36" x 24" (WxH)
    Etruscan Blue
  • Two Chianina

    50" x 38" (WxH)
    Two Chianina
  • Garrett and Chiania 9x12

    12" x 9" (WxH)
    Garrett and Chiania 9x12
  • San Biagio Glory

    What a treat as Meredith Brooks Abbott and her son Robert painted to my left. After a little exchange of Courbet green for caput mortem (Robert is the only other person I know who bought that color, and he did it for the same reason I did--it's a great name!) we all got seriously down to intense work, as we knew we had limited time. Wyllis Heaton had given me a good hint on perspective, without which this building's tower would have toppled.

    12" x 9" (WxH)
    San Biagio Glory
  • Tuscan Memories

    One last painting before we left the church nearest Spedalone. It had inspiring frescoes inside, and beautiful outbuildings. This was one of them, nestled in the cypress, with a vine along the side, surrounded by meadow grass speckled with spring wildflowers.

    12" x 9" (WxH)
    Tuscan Memories
  • Tuscan Hills in Rain

    Rain showers blew in a few times on a trip to Tuscany recently, providing great clouds. Here, sunlight hitting a bright green newly planted field was irresistable.

    12" x 9" (WxH)
    Tuscan Hills in Rain
  • Etruscan Tuscany

    italian stone pines stood out against a white cliff and fields in the distance, beyond the green and gold fields, a range of mountains.

    10" x 8" (WxH)
    Etruscan Tuscany
  • Tuscany Sketch Oil Rapunzels Tower

    What to do with stone pines against a squat, awkward bulwark of a tower with fancy windows? Taking liberties, I stretched it high enough it could have housed Rapunzel.

    Tuscany Sketch Oil Rapunzels Tower